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There has been an increase in swarms in residential neighborhoods form backyard hobbyists hives. There is also a resident who had a swarm enter her home from her neighbor's hive. Beekeeping is more complex than most realize.

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Here is a video of a nieghbors bees coming into a residents yard in San Francisco. The residents were having an outside gathering when their neighbor's bees came into their yard and the family had to flee inside. (no sound):


Below are 3 short videos where a San Francisco journalist talks to beekeepers. She also interviews a resident that is representing many people in the city about the proliferation of bees and the unforeseen side effects. San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang is also interviewed.

Part 2. (Below)This part starts with an interview with an impacted resident:

Part 3. (Below)This starts with a professional beekeeper who says hives should be moved when neighbors are impacted. He also talks about the fact that beekeeping is more complex than most realize:


Part 1. (Below) At the end of this part a beekeeper says that poop is an issue:

This article is from the Contra Costa Vector Control. A UC Davis bee geneticist says .."bee feces can fall on the clothing of a passerby. Even Cobey, who researches bees, knows the pitfalls of falling bee poop. It’s tough to remove.."

Resident's bees kills a dog and injures the beekeeper and a Firefighter The swarm of bees killed a dog, injured a beekeeper and a firefighter and prompted residents living in a Ceres neighborhood to be under a shelter-in-placer order.A bee specialist company, Bee Free, said there has been an increase in bee-related emergencies in the area over the last few years.

This is an article where beekeepers say that while it is great that people are interested in beehive hobby, it is important to see the consequences. The high density of beehives is happening in London as well. They suggest that concerned individuals and corporations should consider planting wildflowers, and protecting biodiversity rather than introducing more hives.

This is a news report from ABC 7 about a swarm in downtown San Francisco.
This happens many times throughout SF. It has happens downtown and in the residential neighborhoods. The people in this news report didn't know where they came from, but there are hundreds of hives on top of Hotels and Restaruants and Homes.


BBC article "Urban Hives Boom Could Be Bad for Bees"

Scientists warn Rise in Urban Beekeeping in Uk may have gone too far.

Article from Mother Nature News Why too many beehives are bad for city Bees