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There is a proliferation of hobbyist beekeepers bringing beehives into densely populated residential neighborhoods in San Francisco. Not only are there people with life threatening allergies to bees, many residents are experiencing an exorbitant amount of bees on their property and bee droppings on their homes, cars, clothes and bodies. This presents the need for a beekeeping Ordinance to help protect residents.

We are not talking about the bees in agricultural areas where crops are grown, we are talking about hobbyists bringing European Honey Bees in man-made hives into the City of San Francisco and placed in dense residential areas. The proliferation of backyard hobbyists beekeepers is not "saving the bee." It is having unforeseen consequences for the bees and the humans.

Being a "bee friendly" city does not mean having an uncontrolled amount of hives in residential neighborhoods. Or having unscrupulous beekeepers coming into the city and taking advantage of the residents.

This presents the need for a City Ordinance for beekeeping in the city of San Francisco.